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Star Wars: Destiny

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Bestow Hero Force Event 1 Common Ability Text: Move a non-ability upgrade from one of your Blue char..
Availability: 13
Black Market
Black Market Neutral Rogue Support 3 Rare Die Faces: +2RD,2F,2Sh,1R,Sp,- Ability Text: [special] - D..
Availability: 3
Black One
Black One Hero Command Support 4 Legendary Die Faces: 2RD,3RD,1Dr,2Sh,Sp,- Ability Text: [special] -..
Availability: 7
Blackmail Villain Rogue Upgrade 3 Legendary Die Faces: 2Dc,3Dc,2Dr,3Dr,3Sh,- Ability Text: After you..
Availability: 2
Block Neutral General Event 2 Common Ability Text: Remove all of an opponent's dice showing melee da..
Availability: 30
Bolt Hole
Bolt Hole Neutral Rogue Event 1 Common Ability Text: Remove one of your Yellow character dice to giv..
Availability: 13
Bombing Run
Bombing Run Neutral Command Event 1 Uncommon Ability Text: Resolve one of your Red dice showing a di..
Availability: 6
Bossk - Wookiee Slayer
Bossk - Wookiee Slayer Villain Rogue Character 11/15 Rare Die Faces: 1RD,+2RD,3MD1,1Dr,1R,- Ability ..
Availability: 6
Boundless Ambition
Boundless Ambition Villain Force Event 1 Common Ability Text: Draw cards up to your hand size. Illus..
Availability: 28
Bounty Postings
Bounty Postings Villain Rogue Event 1 Common Ability Text: Draw cards equal to the number of charact..
Availability: 13
Bowcaster Hero Rogue Upgrade 4 Legendary Die Faces: 2RD,4RD1,+3RD,2Dr,Sp,- Ability Text: Redeploy. [..
Availability: 3
Bring Balance
Bring Balance Hero Force Event 1 Uncommon Ability Text: Choose an opponent that has more cards in ha..
Availability: 8
Buy Out
Buy Out Villain Rogue Event 1 Uncommon Ability Text: Spend any number of resources. Then discards ca..
Availability: Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
C-3PO Hero Command Support 1 Rare Die Faces: 1F,1Dc,1R,1R,-,- Ability Text: Action - Remove this die..
Availability: 4
Cable Launcher
Cable Launcher Villain Rogue Upgrade 2 Rare Die Faces: 1Dr,1Dc,1R,Sp,Sp,- Ability Text: Yellow chara..
Availability: 5
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